All Penguin Planet resources are designed by a dyslexia specialist. Resources are designed to be used by anyone who wants to help a pupil with their reading, spelling or any other of the common areas a pupil with dyslexia may be finding difficult.

Penguin Planet was created by a specialist teacher and assessor to help all children to easily have access to the type of specialist teaching recommended for those with dyslexia. Unlike pure computer-based teaching, Penguin Planet resources benefit from an adult’s input, interaction and continuous feedback. Most resources can be delivered either one-to-one or in a small group. However, unlike most programmes of this nature, the adult simply has to watch a video explanation (which can also be watched with the child as the teaching input), print out the games and play! No more looking for words to fit a pattern or thinking of your own ways to practise a new concept.

Those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) benefit hugely from multisensory learning: that is, experiencing their learning through sight, touch and hearing. All Penguin Planet resources are designed to be multisensory, and our explanatory videos provide extra tips on how to introduce multisensory elements to your explanations and teaching.


In general, children and teenagers with dyslexia will require significant overlearning to secure a skill. This means that they need to experience the same information many times in order to secure it. Penguin Planet resources use games which are easy to learn, engaging for all ages, and playable over and over again to provide the overlearning required.

Pupils with dyslexia will often have difficulties in similar areas, such as phonological awareness (the ability to hear and process the fine sounds in words), working memory (the ability to hold and to manipulate information in the memory) and processing speed (the ability to perform tasks with fluency). These underlying difficulties often lead to difficulties in similar areas, so Penguin Planet provides resources which are appealing to all age groups to practise these skills.

Penguin Planet also provides a structured programme which, if worked through step by step, provides a secure understanding of spelling rules. It also goes beyond phonics to help pupils to build their ability to make spelling choices.